Sarah Kargol is a mixed-media artist and a mother who is busily engaged in raising her four young boys. They have become a major source of inspiration; their daily antics, speech, and curiosity all drive her to create. She paints at night when the children are sleeping. It is the only time that there is quiet, personal space. It is during these quiet times when the creative process really takes off
. The boys love to wake up and see what new creations have been born in the night. 

Monsters are a universal subject matter that allow viewers to safely place themselves into the situations being depicted in Sarah's work. Everyone has one monster-like quality or another. Her monsters seem non-threatening yet cynical. The narrative that exists is often humorous, dark, sublime, sexy, youthful, and nostalgic all at the same time. Sarah's mixed media paintings evolve from materials that have had past lives. Buttons, fabric, and recycled images bring a sense of nostalgia to her work. One is reminded of the smell of grandma‚Äôs closet and the feel of the clothes contained within, and spending hours searching through old jars of buttons for a special treasure to take home. By manipulating these recycled materials and introducing them to ideas from pop culture, she gives them a new, unexpected and often humorous life, a life more exciting and interesting than was originally intended.  
Sarah currently lives with her husband, Matt, and their four sons in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

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